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Prodigy is the word that most accurately describes the name that is Rachel James. In spite of having earned a mastery of music, arts and entertainment throughout her extensive career, James is not limited to the study of her craft, as she has lucidly been endowed with the organic ingredients that over time have produced a creative genius.Born March 29, 1982 in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, James is the youngest of four children, who with their mom relocated to Decatur, GA in 1984 where her path in music began to take its initial course. James began singing in the youth choir at church but wasn’t long before the church and its leadership took note of the unique prowess with which Rachel delivered her passion for music. With such gifting and evident quality, James was quickly escorted from following to leading in more facets than one. It was in this early stage of her life that she began preparing for the leadership roles she would maintain throughout her adulthood.


At age nine, Rachel joined an artistic group of young people called Stars of Heaven under the leadership of Reverend & Mrs. Gaynell Terry. After years of public performances, the group was crafted to generate a more professional pursuit, hand picking four girls who developed an original sound and hip-hop style that were both new and unique to the Gospel arena. By fourteen, Rachel was showcasing her distinctive voice, highlighting her dancing abilities, and utilizing her songwriting gifts, which soon became an asset to her musical presentations. Stars of Heaven sang at the Apollo Theatre, where they tied for first place but were nominated three years in a row for Best of Gospel at the Apollo Theatre. The group has since dispersed but the years of bonding friendships have continued.

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