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​"Working with Rachel is such a pleasure. Her amazing voice and energy shines through in rehearsals and on stage. You can see she loves what she does, and always does it with a smile!"

Melonie Fiona

"The experience in working with Rachel James and her company, Bridge Hooks & Stuff, has been superb and very professional. This company does provides very skilled background vocalist and has helped so many move from dreams to realty. I always look forward to working with Bridge, Hooks & Stuff."

VaShawn Mitchell

"My experience with Rachel James and her company, Bridge Hooks & Stuff, has been nothing less than pleasurable and professional. What this company does for myself as well as my other colleagues in this industry by providing qualified background vocalist when requested, has built a tremendous bridge from dream to destiny that everyone needs to take a journey on. I personally look forward to working with Bridge, Hooks & Stuff very soon."

Darlene McCoy

Atlanta, GA

"ANYTIME I am in need of Anything "VOCAL" related I reach out to BHS to supply! They Give me exactly what I need no matter what type of gig it is. BHS will be around for a long time and I'm glad to work with this company!"

Adam Blackstone

"I'm proud to have been a part of Rachel's formation of BH&S and truly believe in the product she delivers! Her singer's are some of the best I've ever worked with. They're musically smart, very talented, and have great attitudes as well!! You'll find them on many of my project's including Stellar Winners Micah Stampley's "Ransomed," and Sherrie Addison's "No Battle no Blessing!" Soon the industry will be calling BH&S for everything vocally!"

Kevin Bond

Atlanta, GA

"My career path has lead me down the road of hiring background singers for over 15 years now. To date, I have yet to hire a singer with as much skill, commitment, and dependability as Rachel Bethea-James! It goes without saying that her natural ability surpasses most others in her field, but what I feel is most noteworthy is the fact that she's so incredibly dependable. There's nothing like worrying about whether or not your singers will show up on time and ready to do the job at hand. With Rachel, there's NEVER that worry. I'm so elated that she launched BHS, because now, she can reproduce these same qualities in other amazing singers. Rachel has set the bar just about as high as it can go in these and other areas. I'm glad she's the focus of your story today...this community needs more Rachel James' as part of its arsenal of quality, capable, and dependable singers."

Darwin Hobbs

Atlanta, GA

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